fanbook update.

Been a while since I last posted here, so I figured I should.

I really want to do another fanbook. Preferably a birthday fanbook. And if so, we have to start collecting everything soon.

The problem? I really can't afford a second fanbook. Not alone. The first fanbook costs were over hundreds of dollars, that I had to pay myself, cause everyone that promised to help ended up... not helping. And I don't want to sound childish, but that's not very fair.

So... Do you even want to do a new fanbook? Got any suggestions for the money issues? Whatever?
Just comment here. Or something.

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Hi, I'm new here ^-^ I joined because I would like to know what the Fanbook Project is all about. I ran across the website, and I saw pictures of the fanbook, but I don't really do you get to add to it? Do you have to be a member of something? Could someone please give me the information about it? Thank you very much...^-^

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Fanbook Update.

Good news? It was posted few hours ago.
Bad news? It didn't cost as much as I thought it would. It was much more.

Oh well. [donations are appreciated, you know...]

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New layout for the fanbook website.
TagBoard doesn't seem to work at the moment, I'll try to fix that later.

On to other stuff... I think that I'll finally be able to send out the fanbook next week. Only problem is, well. It's the old problem. Money.
I hate doing that, but. Donations will be very appreciated right now.

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HYDE Fanbook, err, Update.

Duo to me passing my credit card limit for April [say oops] and some other problems [which for once, aren't my fault], I wasn't and won't be able to send this fanbook this month.

And, so... If you got anything you want me to add to the album, there's still some time. Please contact me if you're interested.

Other then that... I didn't want to do that, but I put a donation bottom on the website []. You really don't have to, but if you can, it'll be more than appreciated.

Thank you,

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